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Tuition and Financial Aid

The deadline to request financial assistance is Tuesday, March 1, 2022.

Families may still complete the application for financial assistance for the 2022-2023 school year after the deadline.  However, the award will be a smaller percentage of calculated need and based on available funds.  Families may appeal to the principal for a special circumstance.  


If you have questions about financial assistance at St. Paul's that TADS representatives are not able to answer, please contact us.

Good Steward Resale Shop Grants

Volunteers at Good Steward Resale Shop may nominate a student for a grant toward tuition at a local WELS elementary school or Luther High School.  Grants may be more than $400 for the first child in a family attending a qualifying Lutheran elementary school.  Contact Good Steward for details (608-779-9763)


Purchasing Scrip at St. Paul's is easy.  A large portion of the earnings may be directed to the tuition and fees of a child or family.  Some families have earned more than $500 in a year!  Visit us on Wednesdays or Sundays to purchase Scrip. To learn more about the program email Katy Miller at

Ginny Viner Scholarship Fund

To help make Christian education accessible, St. Paul's has established the Ginny Viner Scholarship Fund.  Awards are based on financial need, as assessed through an independent company (TADS).  The fund is available to members in good standing at area WELS congregations to support the financial obligation for tuition and fees of Kindergarten through eighth grade students at St. Paul's Lutheran School.

How to apply for Financial Assistance from the Ginny Viner Scholarship Fund

  1. Verify that you qualify (see note above about the Ginny Viner Scholarship Fund).

  2. Download and print this Worksheet for Financial Assistance.  Use this worksheet to help you gather all the necessary information to complete the online application.  (The worksheet is NOT submitted to either TADS or St. Paul's.)

  3. Once you have completed the worksheet, go to  Next to Financial Aid Assessment, hit "Click to Log In."  Log in with your credentials, or hit "Create a New Account."

  4. Contact TADS if you have questions (800-477-8237).  At the end of the worksheet, you will find several options for reaching TADS: online chat, email, phone, etc.