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Wisconsin Parental Choice Program

St. Paul's Lutheran School participates in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program.

Parents may click here to be taken to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website to complete an online application, which is required.  The application period is February 1, 2024 through April 18, 2024.  In addition to completing the online application, all documentation must be submitted to St. Paul's during the application period.  Parents are strongly urged to complete the online application and submit documentation to St. Paul's before April 12, 2024, to allow time for any necessary corrections.

Parents enrolling students for the Choice program should direct any questions to St. Paul's at 608.783.2552 ext. 0 or email

Students who qualify for a voucher are not charged tuition, registration fees, or field trip fees.

*Please note that parents also need to register their child through TADS.  See either "New Student" or "Returning Student" under the Admissions tab.

Some FAQ"S and the 2024-25 Adjusted Gross Income limits are shown in the red section below.

CLICK HERE for more FAQs about the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program.


Who is eligible for the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program?

Students who are residents of Wisconsin, outside of the Milwaukee Public School and Racine Unified School Districts, with an Adjusted Gross Income at or below 220% of the federal poverty level are eligible to receive a voucher to attend a private or religious school through the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program.

Who may apply?

Any public school student in grades K4-12 who meets the income requirements; Any student who in the previous school year was not enrolled in school; Any non-voucher student currently attending a private or religious school may apply to the program entering 4K , K, First, and 9th grade; Any student who participated in the MPCP OR RPCP the previous school year.

What are the Adjusted Gross Income limits?

Visit this website to find current income information.

What if my income increases in subsequent years?

The “once in, always in” provision means your child keeps his or her voucher even if family income rises. Family income is determined for each student in the year they enter the program. Families could have some children qualify and others that do not qualify depending on family income in the year each child seeks entry into the program. The “once in, always in” provision applies only if a student continues to attend a school in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program and does not voluntarily leave the program.

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